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Vinje kommune offers many services to our inhabitants. Some of them are described here, others you can get information about by calling us on 35 06 23 00.

Contact Us 
Telephone:   35 06 23 00
Telefax: 35 06 23 01
Postal address: Vinjevegen 192, 3890 Vinje, Norway
E-mail: postmottak@vinje.kommune.no


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About the Vinje district
- Population: 3721 (as at 01.01.13) 
- Total area km²: 3106 
- Land area km²: 2740 
- Rivers and lakes km²: 366  

Vinje district is located in the northern part of Telemark and central Southern Norway. Highway E-134 runs through the district and is a main link between east and west. E-134 meets State Highway 9 to Kristiansand and Haukeli. Åmot has the juncture of State Highway 37 from Kongsberg and Rjukan, and State Highway 38 from Vrådal and Dalen. 
Comfortable express buses – Telemark Bilruter – depart regularly to the west, south and east every day. 

Landscape for everyone 
Covering an area larger than the Vestfold region, Vinje provides plenty of space for recreation, from wild highlands and mountains at Hardangervidda full of reindeer and grouse, to beautiful and welcoming cultivated landscape in old hamlets. There are raging rivers and quiet ponds and lakes with trout, wide moorlands rich in bird and animal life. 

Enjoy the outdoors 
In Vinje, you can tramp in the wilderness all day without meeting anyone, or enjoy one of the many outdoor activities. 

During the winter, Vinje offers modern, well-made alpine slopes, tobogganing hills and many kilometres of well-kept cross-country tracks. During the summer, Vinje offers an equestrian centre, farm tourism, orienteering, nature trails and much more. The district has a long tradition in tourism. Tourists may choose cabins, camping sites or good hotels. 

A vibrant culture and traditions 

Hamlets of sun-scorched country courtyards from the Middle Ages, rock carvings from the Bronze Age and burial mounds from the Iron Age. A diverse literary and musical tradition from fairytales and folksongs, to poets and novelists like Aasmund Olavsson, Vinje and Tarjei Vesaas to a music tradition from The Miller Boy (Myllargutten) to young fiddle-players and rock musicians. 

The famous painter Henrik Sørensen made many of his best paintings here. The sculptor Dyre Vaa has filled Norway’s capital with sculptures he created in Rauland. There are three art galleries in Vinje, with art collections by Henrik Sørensen, Harald Kihle, Knut Skinnarland, Dyre Vaa, Tor Vaa and Svallaug Svalastoga. There are also large arts and crafts exhibitions in the area every summer.

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